Monday, June 19, 2006

One and a half

I am almost finished. I went on a toe-up sock knitting obsession and started three pairs about 7 months ago. I have this almost completed pair now and two other singletons. I am ok with how they are turning out and I have learned tons about casting on for toe-up socks, I have experiemented with two circs, metal needles and decided that I'll just stick with bamboo needles from here on out. Why? Well first of all, I think these needles are too heavy for this yarn because I am getting ladders like crazy! Any explanation on ladders would be helpful! Anyway, I am almost done, I just need to turn the heel and sail on up to the top! I love knitting socks toe-up and will probably never do it any other way. The yarn? I bought it at the fleece fair in Greencastle, Indiana almost two years ago so I am glad that I am at least stash busting!


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